Plugged in and Ready to Fall

Got about an hour tonight to work some more on carmen. i am starting to like her more and more. i do need to take her into zbrush 1 more time to see if i can fix the corners of the mouth a bit, flatten out the bottom of the nose, and generally give a smoothing pass overall.

Tomorrow i'll take care of the zbrush pass and then send her off to dennis for a little spot check.

On a side note, at work i've been really refining my projection process for normals/ambient occlusion and i will post some tutorials later on as i work on the bust for the contest we're holding. there have always been parts of the 3d asset creation process that i've thought to be tedious and boring that i've kind of switched around to liking more and more. uvs and projection are great examples of that. i think it is especially gratifying once you get a really solid process down that consistently produces bad ass results. i'll elaborate further on this crap later, but i just thought i'd mention it for no other reason than shits and/or giggles.

- Chris Sulzbach

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