Facial Joysticks Coming Along

I'm almost finished hooking all of the joysticks to the Morphs. I decided to replace the spline joysticks with low-poly sphere objects because they are easier to select quickly. I'm still in the process of replacing them all, as you can see. I quickly posed an angry face here for Dr. Sulz and I think it turned out really nicely. I feel like the rig has so much more control than my last joystick driven rig. Next - I'm going to finish hooking up these joysticks and then do a few missing morph targets. After that - on to the full body rig!

Oh, and John S. at Firaxis helped me with creating an eight-morph radial joystick for the mouth shapes. I asked him randomly and he created in 15 mins! Extremely helpful seeing that I hurt my brain trying to figure it out for hours the night before.