Morph Organization

Tonight I went through all of the morphs and organized them by type. This will make it much easier to mirror them, which is tomorrow night's task.


Morph Tech Stuff

Today I did a bunch of cleanup on all of Peter's morphs. I reset all of the pivots, organized the morphs together and I'm getting them ready to be mirrored. That process, now that I figured out a quicker way, should only take a night instead of many nights!

Once I get the morphs mirrored I can start on a new facial control system. It will still be using joysticks like the old version of Peter, but they will be shaped like a face and have greater control (because there are now more morph targets).

Mirroring Morph Targets

Here is a method for mirroring morph targets that I found on the internet by Duncan Rudd. What I just figured out this morning is that you can do this once and then change the morph in the last step. Then, one by one you can mirror all of your morph targets in 20-30 mins!

Mirror-Copy the right morph target mesh, move it to the side

Add a morph modifier to the left mirrored morph target mesh

In the mirrored left morph target morph modifier add the BaseHead in the first slot

On frame 0 key the morph modifier to 100.0

On frame 10 key the morph modifier to 0.0 – a backward morph from the base pose to the target

Go back to frame 0

Copy the BaseHead and position-align it to the pivot of the left mirrored morph target

Skinwrap the base head to the left mirrored morph target at frame 0

Switch the skin wrap ‘Deformation Engine’ drop-down to ‘Face Deformation’

Go to frame 10 and create a snapshot of the skin wrapped base head

That snapshot is your final mirrored left morph target

Finished the 1st Pass of Peter Morphs

The 1st pass is finished! Here are a few quick poses I did to show them - including the base head for reference. Over 60 morphs are done and now I need to mirror the right targets to the left. After that I want to do a quick 2nd pass to smooth out any artistic and technical blending issues.

The Beginning

It has begun...