Peter with some updates

Peter has been updated with a new rig that will allow for better morphs.  here's the new head model w/ UVs and the prototype skin shader that i am working up.

The above image is the new UV layout for peter. this will allow maximum resolution on the face area.

This is a skin shader that i am working on in mental ray. you can see the red checkers blend out into skin. the idea is that i will create a procedural skin shader that blends into the actual UV mapped one. i will start with the procedural one as the base of the texture so they will seamlessly blend together. this is just experimental as of right now.

this image has the mr sss fast skin + shader that i downloaded from zap's. it has reflection built into the shader. it looks cool, but i prefer the classic mr sss fast skin.

This is the mr sss fast skin shader on peter. i am currently working on the shader when i don't feel like sculpting, like tonight!

- Chris Sulzbach

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